Pearly Whites for pets ...naturally

Teeth cleaning for dogs and cats without anesthesia

A holistic approach to cleaning and maintaining pets' oral hygiene

Pearly Whites for Pets provides cosmetic in nature, all-natural teeth cleanings.
Let me help maintain your pet's oral hygiene

My name is Renata. I have been working with pets professionally for over nine years. I started my career as a dog and cat groomer and worked with a large number of pets to assist them to look their best and make them feel comfortable while having a cheerful spa experience.
As I came to know so many animals and their guardians, dental issues became a frequent topic of conversation. The lack of information available and a limited number of options for proper oral hygiene became very apparent.
Being a pet owner myself and well attuned to alternative health practices, I was on a mission to find another way.
I undertook intensive training and my journey as a teeth cleaning practitioner had begun...
I have been providing loving care to my clients under the banner of Pearly Whites for Pets since 2012.


I am committed to safely and thoroughly as possible cleaning your pet’s teeth.
Drug-free teeth cleaning is an excellent choice if you seek natural means to care for your pet’s overall wellness.
Picture a simple process where your pet’s well being is number one priority, and by feeling and understanding every motion and emotion, your pet communicates to me, the entire cleaning is done by tuning into your pet’s world.


Working with animals is a rewarding experience. Having worked with hundreds of dogs and cats, I’ve had the pleasure of sensing their unique personalities and observing their telling behavior. All of this learning allowed me to perfect my approach to working safely and efficiently.
I connect with your pet in ways that trust can be built and we comfortably work together

Relaxed Environment

I am dedicated to providing a relaxing experience for you and your pet, similar to coming to the spa.
I incorporate essential oils and soft music to help instill a calm atmosphere and a pleasant experience.
Your pet will enjoy my full attention and care during our time together, and be feeling attended to at every step of the way.

I care

If you are not happy with the result, you will receive a full refund.
If your pet has behavioral or dental complications, I may not be able to do my job in which case there will be no charge, and likely you will be asked to seek veterinary help.

I will work with you to explore options that are best suited to you and your pet.


I am a member of the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA).

PMA is a private association. As members of the Association, our primary objective is to express and protect our rights to total freedom of choice regarding medical information and care through joining together in a private membership association.
You can find more information about PMA on the FAQs page.

New to teeth cleaning without anesthesia?

Here is a list of essentials you need to know before considering using my services.

Teeth cleaning without anesthetics is not a medical but rather a cosmetic procedure; part of regular grooming.
I am not a veterinarian and I do not practice medicine.
More specifically, I do not examine, diagnose, treat, or offer to treat, cure or attempt to cure any disease, disorder or illness.
The cleaning of pet's teeth involves the visible part of all tooth surfaces.

12+ Months Visit

$150 + HST
Most pets’ teeth should be cleaned once a year. This is a recommendation only and not true for all dogs or cats. Check their teeth often!
Book this package if you are a returning client and if your previous appointment was within 12 months.

6 Months Visit

$75 + HST
Designed for those, mostly dogs, who are known to be so-called ‘tartar magnets’. In this case, tartar builds up quickly. You can have your dog’s teeth cleaned twice a year for the price of one annual cleaning. Book this package if your previous appointment was less than 6 months ago.


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