All About Boarding with… part 1

We asked Doggie Central to give some insight into using your dog’s daily Doggie Daycare facility as your choice for boarding when going away on vacation.

Check out their post below!


Packing your dog’s overnight bag? Make sure you choose a boarding service that suits your dog’s needs!
These days, Doggie Daycares are now offering overnight options.
Some benefits of choosing this style of boarding are:

Your dog is familiar with the facility and staff

Dogs are very sensitive to change. Even if you travel regularly, your dog may still get nervous every time the suitcases come out! If your dog is used to seeing the daycare and staff on a regular basis, then they will likely feel more comfortable being left with them for an extended period of time.


Your dog receives regular exercise and socialization with the other dogs

The old saying is absolutely true- ‘A tired dog is a happy dog!’. Having lots of stimulation and exercise will actually calm your dog’s mind and can reduce any lingering anxiety over your absence. And, if they can do that in the company of their four-legged friends, that’s a bonus!


Your dog will receive supervision throughout the day

The end goal is for your dog to be safe and secure. Being in a facility with numerous staff members and safety measures will ensure that, even if your dog is feeling a little nervous, they will still stay safe and healthy while you’re away.


Your dog will be part of a pack reducing possible loneliness and anxiety

Having distractions can help your dog focus on something else other than your weekend getaway. Being with a number of other dogs can make them feel safe and protected, resulting in a more settled attitude. And, dogs will learn from each other- if the other dogs are happy and playful, or calm and snoozing, your dog will find the group that fits them best, and become a piece of the puppy puzzle!


The staff is familiar with your dog’s behavior and personality and can offer more personalized care

One of the biggest concerns from pet parents is that ‘No one knows my Charlie like I do!’. Having staff that is familiar with all your pet’s habits, quirks and insecurities is incredibly beneficial when it comes to making your dog feel comfortable when away from you. Maybe your dog likes a certain toy best, prefers to eat their food away from other dogs, or just likes their belly scratched in that one special spot- knowing this will set your dog’s mind at ease, and allow them to enjoy their vacation just as much as you enjoy yours!


And remember:

Don’t use a facility that does not insist on conducting a prior introduction with your dog to ensure your dog will be comfortable

in the environment and able to interact safely with the other dogs.

Do try to introduce your dog to overnight boarding at a young age, practicing being away from you will make it easier for both you and your dog when you go away for extended periods of time.

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