First PWFP appointment -how to prepare

Your pet’s first appointment with us is coming up, and you’re wondering what, if anything, you can do to calm both your and your pet’s nerves about the ‘unknown’- well, we’re here to help! Consider the following tips:

Get outside

The number one best thing you can do for your dog before his first appointment is…exercise! Pretty straightforward, right? Taking your dog for a good walk or run before the session will help to expel any pent-up energy -extra energy can easily turn into anxious energy!

Be on time

Arriving a few minutes early can give you extra time to ask questions about your pet’s appointment. We make sure all of our ‘first timers’ have a one-on-one consultation before their pet’s appointment, giving owners a chance to get comfortable with us and our services before leaving their pet in our care. You can always contact us with your questions prior to your pet’s appointment -this may help you feel more prepared.

You can utilize a natural calming products

There are many great and effective products, easily available from your local pet boutique, that promote calmness and relaxation through different herbal blends. You will find options that are administered orally (usually liquid-based, you can put a few drops on their favorite treat!), or you can even find products like a calming collar, which can be worn. Most of these products work best when introduced a couple of days in advance, so make sure you research well ahead of time.

Be available

Depending on our findings during your pet’s appointment, or even your pet’s comfort level with our services, we may call you during the appointment with relevant information! Make sure you stay close to your phone or call us back as soon as you receive our message.


Your pet will be very excited to see you after his appointment! Your dog would love nothing more than to see you shortly after he is finished with the cleaning! We will give you an approximate pick-up time when you drop your pet off for his appointment- we ask that you be a short distance away around that time, so you’re ready when your pet is!

We do everything we can to create a calm and relaxing space for your pet’s. Remember that in a lot of situations, our pets take behavioral cues from their loved ones- if you can work with us to create a positive experience by managing your anxiety (ask lots of questions beforehand!), then your pet will have a more enjoyable experience. Also, make sure you check out our FAQ page here.

Thank you for booking with us- we’ll see you soon!