Standard visit

This is the first initial visit with Pearly Whites For Pets. Not only does this book your pet in for a full teeth cleaning, but this option also includes a pre-appointment consultation as well. During this consultation, we will review our practices and procedures, and address any concerns you may have regarding your pet’s visit.

This visit option is also open for returning clients if we've seen you a while back.

6 month visit

Available for returning clients who have seen us during the last 6 months. Consequently, our 3Month, 2Month, and 1Month visits are available for clients previously visiting us within a few weeks.

Puppy visit

If your puppy is not older than 16 months of age, feel free to book the Puppy Visit. It includes a full cleaning as well as a thorough evaluation of the mouth and a friendly conversation about your pup's 'teeth future'.

We offer our clients peace of mind knowing that their pet’s individual needs are our priority.


Working with animals is a rewarding experience. Having worked with hundreds of dogs and cats, our team has had the pleasure of experiencing their unique personalities and of observing their telling behaviour. All of this knowledge has allowed us to perfect our approach to working safely, professionally, and efficiently. We connect with your pet, build trust and work comfortably together.

Relaxed environment

Our team at Pearly Whites For Pets is dedicated to providing you and your pet a relaxing experience similar to that of a spa. Essential oils and soft music instill a calm atmosphere and foster a pleasant experience. Your pet will enjoy our full attention and care during our time together, and feel attended to every step of the way.

We care

If you are not happy with the result, you will receive a full refund. If your pet has behavioural or dental complications we may not be able to do the cleaning in which case there will be no charge, and likely you will be asked to seek veterinary help. We will always work with you to explore options that are best suited to you and your pet.


PWFP teeth cleaning services are available at multiple stores and salons in and around Toronto.

Toronto / West

The Studio on King is situated at 844-A King Street West, next door to Spaw Boutique, right beside Stanley Park, between Bathurst St. and Strachan Ave., and a couple of blocks from Trinity Bellwoods Park. 

The Studio has everything PWFP can offer – a team with exceptional work ethic and quality, outstanding client care, a friendly atmosphere, and a loving attitude in a contemporary environment with a touch of luxury.

We are proud to offer and encourage you to explore the numerous carefully selected and unique dental products and treats for your pets.

Mobile Locations

PWFP has offered its services at several mobile locations in Ontario for 9+ years. These mobile locations are carefully selected pet stores and grooming salons. Shared values ensure that we can uphold our level of care.


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