Teeth Cleaning Training Program

Pearly Whites for Pets is excited to announce our new Teeth Cleaning Training Program, to prepare you for either apprenticing with us or for starting your own teeth cleaning practice for pets!

Until about ten years ago, the only option to clean your pet’s teeth was to put them under anesthesia at the Veterinarian’s office. The team at Pearly Whites for Pets recognizes the need for an alternative, natural way to support the overall health of pets through improved oral hygiene. Caring for pets’ teeth and gums to promote longevity is at the forefront of many pet owner’s minds.

After successfully running our unique, anesthesia-free approach to teeth cleaning services for over a decade, we are delighted to share our skills and experience in the form of a training program, so that you too can help improve the lives of dogs and cats through a safe, proactive, cosmetic-style teeth cleaning practice.

We are offering both an introductory course and an advanced course, with options for us to come to you or for you to attend training at one of our Pearly Whites for Pets locations. You will work at your own pace while we provide all the tools and training you need!

For more information contact us at [email protected]

We are looking forward to hearing from you.