Handpicked Products for Optimal Pet Dental Health

As a boutique-style pet store with a focused approach, PWfP is dedicated to carefully selecting a minimal yet essential range of products that align with our core beliefs in natural, clean, and effective oral hygiene solutions. Each product in our collection, including our unique dental sprays and gels, is chosen for its ability to fit into this holistic view. We prioritize items that are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring not just the oral health of your pets but also contributing positively to their overall well-being.


Coconut Oil-Based Toothpastes: A Mild Yet Effective Choice

Coconut oil is known for its beneficial qualities, and our toothpastes incorporate it wholly. Available in various flavours to suit your pet’s preferences, they aim to keep your pet’s teeth clean and breath fresh.


Toothbrushes: Including the Outstanding Wag and Bright Brand

Good oral hygiene is impossible without the right tools. Among our selection of toothbrushes, Wag and Bright’s range stands out due to its unique characteristics. Notable for their detailed design, convenient usage, and size options, these brushes are an excellent addition to your pet’s grooming kit.


Dental Sprays: Choosing Convenience with Deer Velvet and Manuka Sprays

For pets who don’t particularly enjoy brushing, dental sprays and gels can work as an alternative. We highlight the Deer Velvet and Manuka spray, which is exclusively available at our studio. This particular product offers a convenient and hassle-free solution with the additional benefits of deer velvet and Manuka honey.


Water Additive: An Effortless Supplement to Dental Care

In our selection, we offer specialized water additives from TEEFHealth to ensure your pet’s drinking water is a source of hydration and health. This product is known for its ease of use and the pre and probiotic components that support dental health. It’s a great choice if you cannot brush your pet’s teeth but want to help keep them clean!


Single Ingredient Treats and Dental Care Toys: Bringing Fun to Dental Health

Simple, healthy treats can play a role in your pet’s dental health by promoting natural teeth cleaning through chewing. When coupled with dental care toys, your pet gets the benefit of enjoyment while ensuring their oral health.

At Pearly Whites for Pets, we truly believe we have something for every pet. Thank you for considering us for your pet’s teeth care needs.





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