The Unique Commitment of Pearly Whites for Pets

Pearly Whites for Pets offers cosmetic teeth cleaning that is not designed to replace but to collaborate with your pet’s veterinary dental cleanings and home maintenance schedule.

Whether you are looking for a one-time teeth cleaning solution or continuous and structured oral care for your pet, the team at Pearly Whites for Pets can help! Our practitioners work with cats and dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and temperaments while upholding the highest standards of all-natural teeth cleaning services, delivered safely with compassion, expertise and integrity.

So many pet owners do not want to have their animals sedated once a year to clean their teeth and it’s not necessary. Cosmetic teeth cleaning is an excellent choice if you are looking for a natural way to care for your pet’s overall health and wellness.


What to Expect When you Visit Pearly Whites for Pets

Picture a simple, relaxing process where your pet’s well being is our number one priority.
By feeling and understanding every motion and emotion that your pet communicates to us, we can attune to your pet and provide a safe and comfortable cleaning without the use of sedation, chemicals nor drugs of any kind.

Through a professional, compassionate, and confident approach, our team at Pearly Whites for Pets helps dogs and cats to relax by using a variety of techniques. Verbal communication is done calmly and assertively, using a tone appropriate to the situation.
We interact with your pet through assured, comfortable handling while respecting your
pet’s boundaries and space.

Our team at Pearly Whites for Pets is dedicated to providing your pet with a spa-like experience. Essential oils and soft music instill a calm atmosphere and enable you and your pet to instantly feel relaxed. Your pet will enjoy our full attention and care during our time together, every step of the way.

In most cases, your pet will be positioned on a comfortable blanket on the technician’s lap, with plenty of support to make her or him feel comfortable. This allows for easy access and visibility to every area of your pet’s mouth.

After easing the pet into this position, our technician skillfully introduces the necessary hygiene instruments and applies a variety of hand holds to navigate the cleaning process.
Gently and meticulously, all tooth surfaces are cleaned.

We use hand instruments similar to those used in a hygienist’s office. For each visit, all tools are thoroughly sterilized and all surfaces wiped with an antiseptic agent to ensure a clean and safe environment. All our products are pet safe.

Once the scaling process (removal of tartar and plaque) is finished, our practitioners polish all tooth surfaces. Our choice of polishing paste is free of fluoride and xylitol as well as other unnecessary additives.

At Pearly Whites for Pets, we prefer to work with your pet alone. Without the guardians present, we find it easier for our four-legged clients to relax, settle down, and put their focus on the technician. Nevertheless, we respect unique circumstances and if you feel that your presence will positively impact your pet during the cleaning, please discuss it with us upon arrival.


Pearly Whites for Pets is Invested in the Healthy Mouth of Your Pet

We recognize that our clients’ pets have unique needs and that these needs can and do change as circumstances, goals, and pet owner’s desires shift. This is often driven by the pet’s overall health and age. We would like to be partners in your journey to care for your pet’s oral health. Considering this mission, we offer a variety of service types.

▪ Standard Visit

This is the first, initial visit with Pearly Whites for Pets. This option includes a pre-appointment consultation as well as a full teeth cleaning. During the consultation, we will review our practices and procedures and address any concerns you may have regarding your pet’s visit. Whether you have been managing your pet’s oral hygiene well from the start or whether your pet is older, and you feel it is past time to get their teeth cleaned, it’s never too late to try and return your pet’s mouth to a healthy and manageable state. We can help!

▪ Six Month Visit

At Pearly Whites for Pets, we believe follow-up visits are tremendously important for the overall health of your pet. The six month visit option is available for returning clients who have seen us during the last six months. We also offer a 1 month, 2 month or 3 month follow-up visit option, for those clients who are concerned about or following up with an issue pertaining to their pet’s oral hygiene.

▪ Puppy Visit

It is so important to start taking care of your dog’s teeth at an early age. Dental issues must be recognized early and while we are not Veterinarians – we cannot diagnose nor treat dental issues – we can help to recognize issues early on and help set your dog up for success, collaborating with your veterinarian for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. If your puppy is no older than 16 months of age, feel free to book the Puppy Visit. This specialized session includes a full cleaning as well as a thorough evaluation of the mouth and a friendly conversation about the future of your puppy’s teeth.


Pearly Whites for Pets Offers a Holistic Approach to Clean Teeth

Within our King Street Studio location, we have our Brush and Go boutique-style shop, where we offer a wide variety of naturally sourced products. The team at Pearly Whites for Pets has spent years sourcing and researching truly unique products for the cats and dogs we love, ensuring these products are highly effective, made of naturally sourced ingredients, free from chemicals and unnecessary additives, all with an aim to better the healthy lives of your pets. These products include every angle of oral hygiene, from toothbrushes and pastes to water additives to supplements, treats and toys! Many of our products are made in Canada and the vendors we use take great care to keep an exceptionally low carbon footprint when making their products. Taking care of your pets and the environment we all live in matters to us! We also offer an on-line store for these same products at

Working with animals is a rewarding experience. Having worked with hundreds of dogs and cats, our team has had the pleasure of experiencing their unique personalities and observing their telling behaviour. All this knowledge has allowed us to perfect our approach to working safely, professionally, and efficiently with your beloved family pet. We connect with your pet, build reciprocal trust and work comfortably together.

We are so confident in this that if you are not happy with the result, you will receive a full refund. If your pet has behavioural or dental complications and we are unable to do the cleaning, there will be no charge and we will suggest you seek veterinary assistance. We will always work with you to explore options that are best suited for you and your pet.

Please Note

  • Teeth cleaning without anesthetics is a cosmetic procedure, rather than a medical one. Teeth cleaning is part of regular grooming.
  • We are not veterinarians and we do not practice medicine.
  • More specifically, we do not examine, diagnose, treat, nor offer to treat, cure, nor attempt to cure any disease, disorder, nor illness. We do not claim that there are any health-related benefits to our services or that they are a reasonable alternative to veterinary dental care.
  • The cleaning of pets’ teeth involves the visible part of all tooth surfaces.
  • Although most dogs and cats are candidates for teeth cleaning, for some this method of cleaning is not suitable. You are not charged if our services are not performed.
  • Unfortunately, insurance companies do not recognize cosmetic-style teeth cleaning and therefore do not reimburse our teeth cleaning services.

Where Can You Find Pearly Whites for Pets

Pearly Whites for Pets has two flagship locations. The Toronto Studio at 844-A King Street West offers a touch of luxury in a contemporary environment and has everything Pearly Whites for Pets can offer, including a team with exceptional work ethic and quality, outstanding client care, a friendly atmosphere, and a loving attitude. This is also where you will find our Brush and Go boutique.

Pearly Whites for Pets’ second location is situated in Barrie’s south end in a quiet neighbourhood. Here the atmosphere is laid-back, relaxing, and offers an all-around pleasant experience for pets and their guardians alike.

At many times throughout the year, Pearly Whites for Pets will visit several dog-grooming locations around southern Ontario to offer our teeth cleaning services for your pets. Please visit our website to see whether one of these locations might work for you!


Pearly Whites for Pets’ Bottom Line

The main goal of the team at Pearly Whites for Pets is to provide clients with an informed, holistic point of view so that you can make knowledgeable decisions based on the unique needs of your own pet.
Integrity is paramount and is at the foundation of all that Pearly Whites for Pets stands for. And while this is a team of experts in client care, the team respects the fact that no one knows your animal better than you. Everyone at Pearly Whites for Pets wants clients to walk away with peace of mind, knowing their pets are an absolute priority here too. And of course, with a pearly white smile!





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